Useful tips on how to have a great Christmas celebration on a small budget!

Christmas season is a wonderful time of the year, but when household think about all the expanses there have to be made, the joy fades away. The thing is that in order for you to be happy and enjoy the celebration you don’t have to deal with big spending or fancy decoration and gift. Remember, Christmas is about enjoying time with the family and being thankful for what you already have.We

have prepared top 5 advice’s that might help you have a good time, without stressful shopping, for Christmas.

1. Plan ahead and set up a fixed budget. This means that if you think about this season and everything you believe you will need to purchase to have a good time together with your family, you will have a clear list already months prior to the event. Thus, you will also know how much money you need, where you can save, what you can re-use, what you can borrow, what you can avoid having etc. Knowing in advance calms you down because everything will be already set up in your head, from food to gifts, from wrapping paper to Christmas lights.

On the other hand, you will be able to calculate how much you can start saving on every week prior to Christmas so you can somehow spread these expanses on different months.

2. Decide together for a fixed, limited budget for gifts. Christmas gifts should be a tradition that will add joy to family members and not stress them out. So, considering the overall budget of the whole family, you may talk to everyone and agree on having a certain amount available to buy gifts. The important thing is choosing something thoughtfully not pricey.

3. Use sales throughout the year. It is not strange to gift a summery thing to your family member for Christmas, there will come a time when they’ll need to use these gifts, of course, even though it is a little too cold at that very moment. So, keeping an eye on big sales throughout the year will help you buy staff that family member really like to use and also doing it for a very convenient price.

4. DIY gifts are fun. Think about what you are talented to do. Use that talent to create objects that will show how much you love your family member by gifting them something you spent so many hours to create. Sewing, crocheting, working with wood, painting etc. could come in very handy in these cases. You can also prepare jam jars, baskets full of chocolates and fruits, or even the most delicious chocolate cake. Don’t underestimate the power of a gift created with love.

5. DIY your Christmas decorations. Yes, I know they make lots of sales on Christmas decorations; still, you can’t get enough of hanging as many as possible around the house, right? Do some crafty work, buy some stationary and prepare paper stars and wreaths or anything else you think about or look up on Pinterest. It might be lots of fun for your little helpers too.